(Developed with the participation of specialists from NPO Optica)

Phosphopag 0.1-0.3% aqueous solution is used as a lubricant-coolant for diamond-polishing of optical glass.

Essential advantages of a lubricant-coolant based on Phosphopag:

  • Reduces the operation time for grinding by 30%
  • Enhances the quality of a working ground surface (smoothing of its roughness) by two classes
  • Cuts the buffing process time by 20%
  • Facilitates flocculation of the ground glass-dust and its removing from the tool surface
  • Decreases corrosion of the equipment
  • It is not toxic and causes no allergy to workers
  • Due to biocidal properties Phosphopag suppresses biogrowth and development of abscesses of injuries on the operator’s hands

PHOSPHOPAG can successfully substitute toxic lubricant-coolants that are traditionally used.

Lubricant-coolants for diamond-polishing of glass that contain PHOSPHOPAG have been introduced with a distinct technological and economical effect to a number of optomechanical plants: NPO Optica in Moscow, as well as plants in Kazan, Zagorsk, Lytkarino, etc.

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